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The topless massage

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About the topless massage

In the context of topless or nude massage, there is a particular question which is usually asked by most of the clients. This question is “Is there really a need for me to undress whenever I would undergo topless massage?” Most of the therapists tell the clients that they can undress so far as they will feel comfortable during the massage.

Cloud9's lady in west London

Cloud9’s lady in west London

As a client, it is but essential for you to be fully relaxed while you are lying on the massage table. You should not worry about your nudity or about the comment that your therapist might have regarding your body. If you are a woman, it is recommended that you remove your bra so that your back will be massaged properly. If you are not comfortable with the idea that your breasts will be exposed when you turn, you can use a towel to drape them.

Also, nude massage is sometimes called nudist massage. However, many believe that there is a distinction between the two. But whatever the distinction is, both of them pertain only to topless massage.  This massage differs in many places. There are places in which the nudity of the clients in this massage somehow matters. It is because there are therapists who believe that in order for you to become fully massaged, there should be no under wears on for these under wears can cause a little issue during the massage. For example, if you are wearing a bra during the massage, of course you cannot expect the therapist to have a full massage on your back. Similarly, if you are wearing other pieces of garments, you cannot also expect the therapist to hit the zones in your body which really need to be massaged. It is because the movement of their hands will be hindered by the garments. Thus, if you want to have a wonderful experience in this massage, much as well that you should be naked. So that your body parts such as back and buttocks will be completely massaged.

While in other places, it is okay to them even if you are wearing a bra or panties, as long as they will not obstruct the massage process.  Besides, they also consider what their clients would feel in the state of their nudity. And they can still assure you that you will experience the maximum effect of massage even if you are wearing some pieces of under wears.

But, being uncomfortable in this massage has a disadvantage too, such as you will not totally feel the effect of the massage because your body muscles are tensed. Although the therapist can easily notice it, he or she cannot give you a full satisfaction.

The best way to enjoy

Thus the best way to experience this massage is ignore your physical reaction to your nudity. Instead, be relaxed and be comfortable and indulge yourself to this massage. Besides, the therapist has to bear in mind that he or she should always respect the client-even if the client is nude or not.

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