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CLOUD 9 London Escort SpecialTie and Tease service is a light domination but very exciting experience.

For those who like to be taken control of and guided, Cloud9 has professional goddess offer a variation on the bdsm escort theme: tie&tease. Where your senses are taken on a roller coaster ride, teased and titillated and surprised.

Tie and Tease – The Cloud9 Special

The Cloud9 Tie and Tease sessions start with light bondage, surprise touches, and very light domination–the key word here being light. Unless of course, you want me to go harder, and take

control of your sensations–you must, after all, worship the Goddess who is giving you the delightful tantric massage.

Not everybody enjoys tie and tease, but it is something different, and more mysterious and intense than a regular London escort.

The tie and tease also ends with a full sexy massage–but for the initial part where you are taken on a journey of experimental sensations that requires trust and curiosity!!

It doesn’t matter weather is original erotic massage or luxurious sex games, they all can be  comprehended as kinds of foreplay behavior. The benefits is that it  advances to stimulate the love sensory organ of man it can also improve the quality of sex. In the meaning time this is a healthy treatment, It helps men to release the nervous systems.
In fact, most typical men requires a quality of both normal life and sexual life, they will certainly requires detailed sophisticated sexual experience without a doubt.
Cloud 9 has unceasingly recommend different types of erotic massage and now we are strongly recommend the “Hardcore” erotic sex games treatment. – The Exclusive LONDON Tie & Tease
Iatrology can prove that when your skin feel slightly pain,during the sex, it will facilitate the adrenaline to release. Biologically it let’s male reach the highest level for orgasm.
Sexual abuse or sex torch in general people’s point of review such behaviors are dirty and impudence. It is the exactly opposite, This type of foreplay is necessary, it can improve the male to have better quality and ability for sex.

and Enjoy you…

tease you...

To enjoy a thrilling tie & tease experience, you can

1. visit our studio in South Kensington (5mins from Victoria station) / Bayswater Studio (3mins from Bayswater  & Queensway tube station)


2. Let us delivery our stunning lady to your place (We covers all major Hotels in Central London) discreetly. (OUTCALL)

Opening daily from 11:00 am – midnight

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