The best age for women to enjoy sex is 28

sexy young girl anna

sexy young girl anna

It goes without saying that the independent young women who work for escorts agencies in London know a fair bit about what goes on between the sheets. Our absolutely beautiful young European girl, Anna, is no different and recently read an article that says the best age for a woman to enjoy sex is 28. This was the result of a comprehensive survey carried out with women of all ages, and at 25 years old, Anna certainly hopes that its true!

Anna can see a lot of sense in this discovery as younger women often don’t really know what they want or what to do in the bedroom, and by the time you reach around 28 years of age, you have the experience and confidence to have great fun. In terms of knowing how to please both herself and her partner, Anna is probably a little ahead of the game compared to many other women. Nevertheless, it certainly put a smile on her face to know that she may not have peaked yet!

According to the same survey, men do not reach their peak until they are 33. Anna has always thought that older the men are the ones who really know how to please a woman in the bedroom, even men much older than that. Confidence and experience go hand-in-hand when it comes to having sex, along with an open-mindedness and an adventurous spirit; both of which Anna has in abundance.

Of course, if you look after yourself as Anna does, at 28 years old your body is also in great condition. Anna loves having a youthful body but believes that even in the years to come, her experience and lust for life will mean that whatever goes on behind closed doors will continue to be quite special.

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