Tantric Erotic Massage by Escorts

As one of the best escort agency in the city, we have professional massage teacher teach our girls to provide different types of erotic massages as some of our customers want to enjoy something different and exotic. Tantric massage is a mystic erotic massage that came from ancient India, all our sexy escorts can preform London tantric massage service to clients to add more fun to the date.

Our escorts can provide verity tantirc massage sessions: Neo tantra, Lingam tantric massage, prostate massage, full body tantric massage.

About the massage

Tantric massage is the use of various techniques by the masseuse on a person’s erogenous zones to arouse him/her. The purpose behind these types of massages is to enhance their sexual excitation and de-stressing their body and mind. Tantric massage also has its own medical benefits and it’s widely practiced around the world. Various accessories are also used along with tantric massages to introduce the right atmosphere. In the case of men the massages are concentrated on his genitals while for women her breasts and pubis are used to stimulate and arouse her. As an individual one can easily grasp the basics of tantric massage and use it to spice up their sexual life. You can use it as a foreplay techinique to stimulate your partner and provide him/her with a new sexual experience. Tantric practices also focus on meditation and self-realization.


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History of Tantric Massage

Tantra is a form of meditative yoga practiced in India before 5AD.It was spiritual in nature and its ultimate goal was self-realization. Tantra was influenced by many traditions in the Asian region and a multitude of tantric disciplines were developed over centuries. Many used it as pathway to enlightenment and worship. Tantric practices were even used in temples and the priests were called as tantri’s. These spiritual practice were recorded in Indian, Japaneese and Chinese languages and by the end of 18th century most of these texts were translated to English and other western languages by well known scholars as well as tantric practitioners. Western civilization helped evolved tantra into Neotantra. Neotantra is an umbrella term and it comprises of a variety of principles and practices. Tantric practices are now used to achieve erotic consciousness instead of spiritual awareness in the western world. Some of the traditional Tantra practitioners still prefer spiritual tantra practices over erotic tantric practices in the west.

Unlike other sensual massages that only focus on sexual gratification, London tantric massages offer spiritual experience along with sexual gratification. The main goal of tantric massages is to prolong arousal and finally experience more satisfying orgasm. Tantric massages also help you to have more control of your sexual simulation. Once you become an expert in tantric practices and massages you can induce orgasms whenever you please. You can also use this knowledge to make your sexual life more satisfying. More pleasurable and prolonged lovemaking is an art that can be learned by practicing various practices of neotantra.

Sensual massages in the 17th century were used to cure female hysteria by introducing various methods to massage the genital of women. Some of these massages took several hours to perform and master. Later various hydrotherapy devices were introduced to effectively treat this aliment at home. Vibrators became available by the end of nineteenth century. Most of these devices were a part of medical procedures and later they were used for the purpose of sexual enjoyment.

We combine sensual massages & tantric massages: London Tantric massage by cloud9 have implement lots of sensual massage skills to spice up the erotic tantric session. Our massage session is featured on TantricMassageGuide.

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Sensual and Tantric Massage Today

Tantric and sensual massage has evolved from their traditional methods to more specialized techniques and practices. Highly specialized tantric techniques focus on one particular area. Some massage therapists purely focus on delivering more pleasure to their client while some focus on traditional techniques to provide a combination of spiritual experience and pleasure.

Amateur erotic massage can be done by referring erotic massage and training books and video tutorials. There are various accessories that help in the creation of an atmosphere for erotic massages. There are certain oils available for private use, which contains essences of medicinal plants. These oils and candles helps in the creation of an erotic atmosphere that helps in the process of tantric messages. Traditional Indian and Buddhist tantra music can also be used for simulation during erotic amateur massages to get the desired level of arousal.

At Cloud9 London escorts we understand how important it is to have fully trained and experienced tantra goddess and all of our sexy ladies have a minimum of 2 years experience in the art of tantra. Meet one of our talented escort, and enjoy the pure erotic sky tantric massage.


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