Sexy Secretary Role Play

Before I chose to become an escort in London I worked in various roles in offices, shops, restaurants and bars. I was therefore delighted to receive a call from the agency a few weeks ago, asking if I had suitable office clothing for a booking in which I had been specifically requested. Of course I did! This sounded like so much fun as I love role-play and one of my favourites is to play the dutiful, obedient yet very sexy secretary. I couldn’t wait!

London outcall girlsIt was fairly short notice so I had to get ready fast. I donned my tan stockings with my saucy black suspenders, my black lace bustier, my black lace thong with the side ties and finally finished off the outfit with my black pinstripe pencil skirt and charcoal blouse. I teamed it with my pinstripe cropped jacket and after slipping my feet into a pair of very high heels and piling my blonde hair up into a chignon, I was ready to go.

I drew a great many appreciative stares as I made my way to the office building where I was to meet my companion. I thinks being admired by men is was one of the reasons I work as an escort in London. The offices were to be the newest branch of a popular UK company and were not yet opened so when I emerged from the lift out onto the fifth floor the area was eerily quiet. There were lots of empty brand new desks, chairs still encased with plastic wrapping and a vending machine standing empty in the far corner. I heard faint noises coming from the small office at the end of the room and headed in that direction, my heels clicking briskly on the newly tiled floor.

As I reached the half opened door, a businessman looked up from behind the desk and smiled. He stood up and walked around his huge desk to greet me. ‘You must be lady from the agency, my new temp, I called your agency, is that right?’ ‘Yes, sir’ I answered as he shook my hand. ‘OK then, your desk is just outside, there is some filing waiting to be completed, we can have a chat after you have finished with that’. ‘Certainly, Sir’ I responded and I made my way outside to the little desk which sat in front of the glass partition.

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I made a fuss of shuffling the papers (which, incidentally, were blank) and organising the desk area whilst I surveyed my surroundings. The glass partition afforded ‘my boss’ a clear view of me at my desk so I decided to use this to my advantage. I stood up with some of the papers and slowly walked around the desk to the filing cabinet. I opened the top drawer which was empty, as was the entire cabinet. I placed some of the papers inside each draw ensuring that I bent right over for some of the lower ones and wiggled a little while I was there. I stood up and sighed as I leant against the cabinet and fanned myself with the remaining papers. I unbuttoned the top two buttons on my blouse and unpinned my chignon. My blonde hair cascaded down into a gleaming curtain of gold around my shoulders. I stood up to walk back around to my chair when my ‘boss’ called me into his office.

‘Take a letter for me please’ he said briskly, indicating for me to sit in the chair in front of his desk. I sat down and picked up the notepad and pencil waiting for me. I crossed my legs and waited, pencil poised, for him to speak. He walked around the back of my chair and placed his hands on my shoulders. He started to tell me of his expectations of his secretarial staff and their need to follow instructions to the letter. I murmured my understanding as his hands massaged my bare skin, there seemed to be an awful long list of rules to follow and I was actually quite glad I wasn’t a real secretary! He withdrew his hands from my bare shoulders and began to pace back and forth dictating his letter to me.

I sat perched on my chair with my long legs crossed and just the hint of my stocking tops showing. I could see that he glanced at them a few times causing him to lose track of what he was saying however I wasn’t exactly writing it all down so it didn’t matter really!

I wiggled around on my chair as if to get more comfortable when actually I was finding a position where he could have a great view of my thighs. Our afternoon of ‘work’ continued for some hours and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon playing at being a secretary and as my heels clicked on the granite flooring leading to the entrance of the building I looked up at the mezzanine floor and waved a goodbye to my ‘boss’. We have met many times since and I have to admit that during our times together I have had many different ‘jobs’ but my favourite and most exciting so far has to be the day I played at being secretary.

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