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A Sensual Healing

A story, very sensual story….which is a precisely description of our massage services….


a night with masseuse

a night with masseuse

Derek breathed a sigh of relief as market trading came to a close, rolling his tense shoulders.

“Feeling the pressure?” a work colleague asked. “You should do what I do, get a massage.”

“No thanks, I had one once at my gym, it was agony!”

“I’m not talking about a sports massage, I’m talking about either a sensual or erotic massage. Look, there’s this salon just off Green Park, here’s the card. Make a booking for Angela Su, she’ll soon have you floating on air.”

Derek did, securing an appointment for later that evening. He was introduced to Angela Su, who led him to a private room, which was warm and comfortable as he lay naked, face-down on the comfortable bed. The beautiful oriental woman smiled at him as she gently warmed a sweet and spicy smelling oil. Removing her white uniform, she stood clad only in panties and stockings, her top-half naked.

Ensuring her hands were well greased with the oil, she began with his head, neck and shoulders, using a firm touch and long sweeping strokes, freeing his mind of tension and the strains of his day. To his surprise, she then straddled him, working on the centre of his back with her hands while gripping him firmly with her taut thighs. As she increased the pressure, using her elbows to massage his middle back, she trailed her soft silky hair across his back, adding a feather light touch which made him tremble.

Laying herself across his back, their bodies slippery with the oil, she used her knees in a skilled technique to massage his gluts and hamstrings. He could feel her soft breasts against his back as she worked, and he couldn’t help the stirring he felt in his loins as his tension gave way to pleasure. Asking him to turn over, she seemed pleased with his reaction rather than offended. angela erotic massage

She straddled him again as she made firm, sweeping motions across the front of his shoulders and down his pectoral muscles, then concentrated her attention on his stomach area, manipulating the nerve endings there with a combination of firm and feather light touches, massaging and tantalising at the same time. He flushed as he felt the lace of her underwear against his groin, and was almost disappointed when she rose to stand at the side of the bed.

As she worked the area around his hip bones with her hot, silky hands, the stirring became a throbbing rod, the area normally unexplored but highly sensitive, making him pulsate with pleasure. When she moved to the pubis area, using the heel of one hand, then the tips of her fingers to follow up, he thought he might lose control.

She teased him then, moving away to work his calves, ankles and feet, before moving back to his inner thighs. When she came back to his pubic area and included his testacles with the other hand, he did explode, feeling every type of tension flood from his tingling body.

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