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A research: Why Some Western Gentlemen like Asian girls

We had a research recently about why some western gentlemen keen on Asian escorts:

Did you know that Asian women appeal to Western men, but why?

They have qualities that lack in western women. Firstly, they’re more sociable than western women. Simply say hello to them in their native language and you would get a smile in return, thus paving the way for a conversation, whereas western women would give you a cold look to distance them. Secondly, it’s the way they conduct themselves around their significant other. Every day they prepare the meals for them, do the chores and look after the children. They do all these even though they still hold a full time job.  They believe in hard work to provide for their family. They’re ready to work 24/7 if it means sending money home so the rest of the family can join them later. You can be rest assured they won’t turn into a spoiled princess when they become your girlfriend. Also, they’re very gentle when it comes to communicating with their boyfriends, so they feel proud of them around their friends and family. Lastly, Even though they’re perfectly capable of leading the family, they allow their boyfriend to be head of the household.

However, their main attractive quality is they value relationships. They are loyal to their boyfriends and stay by them through thick and thin. Unlike western women, they know that a career cannot replace a harmonious family life, thus they don’t compete with men as they expect them to act as the “rock” in their life.

our Asian models

our sexy Asian models

Who wouldn’t love a family oriented, polite and compassionate woman?

In general, the following are best traits that most Asian women possess:

1- She allows you to be head of the family, thus making decision regarding the household.

2-   She will listen to you irrespective of how she feels.

3- When you wake up, she would have prepared a fresh pot of coffee along with breakfast and sit by listening to you.

4- She cleans the dishes after having cooked a tasty meal for the boyfriend.

4-   She will ask for permission before spending money on the household.

6- She makes love to her boyfriend even though she may not be feeling happy.



Asian-Western women (America, United Kingdom, Canada):

While Western Asian women act mostly like the West, they’re distinguished in displaying their feminine side. The following are their best qualities:

1- They don’t act like men.

2- They don’t like argument or confrontations with their boyfriends because they look for peace and serenity.

3- They have a sensitive nature.

In conclusion, Asian women possess qualities that make them more desirable to western one.


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