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Prostate massage is something that most men are not familiar with. This is primarily a unique type of massage that stimulates the prostate gland, an important male organ situated between the bladder and rectum. Prostate massage is not just known to enhance the overall sexual health of a male, but it is also effective to relieve certain symptoms of numerous health conditions.  A prostate massage is relatively simple as long as the masseur knows what to do to prevent injury and certain complications that may arise.

The prostate gland is one of the most important glands in a male reproductive organ as it plays a great role in regulating the sexual function of a male. It also produces prostatic fluid, an essential ingredient of the semen that contributes for a higher rate of fertility. Prostate glands also have muscles that push or release the semen when ejaculating. The prostate also helps men to achieve a more satisfying sex but a problem with the prostate gland can lead to sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation, loss of erection and decrease in libido.  Prostate massage therapy is an important means on how men can restore their manly hood and experience a more enjoyable and pleasurable sex.

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