Pink’s Sensual Diary: High Heels and a Submissive Encounter

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the alluring mistress – Pink

What does a pornstar escort in London look like? Well, like me! I am tall, blonde and the proud owner of a set of, them, feminine charms but there is more to being a high class escort with a penchant for the exotic than just looking the part. If I were to give you an example of one particularly sexually charged encounter, I would probably have to describe the following winter meeting to you. I would imagine that by this point there would be few people out there who were yet to experience the rather infamous novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, right? Well, thankfully, this one date did not require me to wear bondage gear to dinner or shackle me to anything. In fact, no contract was signed in the slightest (as alarm bells would more likely than not begin to ring). No, it turns out that this was a date who was slightly more submissive.

Of course, as a professional London escort I am always above board and law abiding in my actions, but I am also entirely accommodating too. Well, Jerry, as we’ll call him, was a regular of mine; a delightful chap who just didn’t have the time for a relationship but loved female company. After our third date, he finally felt able to admit that he had a bit of a thing for being submissive. I laughed it off at first, as you would, but it wasn’t long before I left his hotel room with a large grin on my face. I knew I had helped him be true to himself and, well, if I can put my high heels to good use, then who am I to argue? Yes, it really does take all sorts and in this industry, it helps to be prepared. Still, meeting new gentlemen is still a joy for me, and one I simply cannot get enough of.