On The Couch – Yiyi

Yiyi (23) is one of our newest and most popular classic Asian escorts and has recently won the coveted Cloud9 ‘Featured Accolade’. We took a few moments to talk to her about….. guys, acting, what she likes to put in her mouth and keeping fit.

Yiyi (伊伊) is a beautiful but an unusual name? What does it mean?

It’s a Chinese name and means ‘graceful girl’ but its more commonly known as ‘Charming’. Which I’ve been told is very apt. (Giggles)
As a East Asian what is it that you love about the guys in London?
I love the English accent – there’s something classy about it. I just melt when I hear it. The guys from my home are dark and mysterious and you Brits are so open and gentlemanly.

Other than the accent what else do you like about Londoners?


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Other than the obvious (giggle) I find London guys so funny. You have a special humour that is very different from home. You seem to laugh at everything and I find laughter infectious.

With those piercing blue eyes you’ve scored some modelling around Europe what was your favourite country to bare all?

I did a shoot for an Italian and all I can remember him saying is ‘bella’ and ‘bellisimo’. He seemed pretty pleased with the shoot which was lucky cos that’s all I could understand.

Being so photogenic have you ever been in a film?

No, I’ve been asked lots of times but the right role has never presented itself. The films have been way too kinky for me. I’m an imaginative girl but I’m more of a private individual when it comes to being intimate.
Do you have a boyfriend here in London and if so is he a cockney or a public school man?

No, I don’t have a boyfriend but I get plenty of offers. (Laughs) I think I would prefer a man who talks like a teacher from one of the Harry Potter films. Though I guess I could teach him a thing or two.
With so many admirers what pulling advice can you give the guys in London?
I would have to say the way to a woman’s heart is through the power of words. Size is important but intelligence is more so. I’m also swept away by someone who makes me laugh.
We hear you like going out to eat, how come you keep so fit?
I enjoy going for a meal and sampling different restaurants but I never eat or drink a lot. (laughs) I’m quite inexpensive to take out. I enjoy the company and a pleasant conversation. If I do eat a bit too much I make sure I work it off as soon as I get home.
How do you do that? At the gym or have you any special hobby?
You’re saucy but you’re not going to get me to divulge my keep fit routine. All I will say is that it involves a partner and some special time.
Yiyi is new to London and with Cloud9 Escort – Take her for a meal as an outcall or pop round to her apartment and see how she loves to keep fit.

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