On The Couch – Pamela

Pamela (22) model and International escort talks to London Cloud9 Escort Agency about Life, escorting and London guys.

So Pamela, We are delighted to welcome you to London and our Agency. How long do you plan to stay?
I’m a great fan of London. I love its warmth and atmosphere but sadly I’m only visiting. I leave on the 22nd October. So I hope make the most of my time and do and see as much as I can while I’m here.


What do you think of the Guys in London?
I love them. They’re so polite and are such gentlemen. They’re unique and unlike it anywhere else in Europe. I see such a variety from the strong and dominant to the shy and gentle but I truly adore them all. I particularly love the cute and shy guys and really get a kick helping them relax and have a good time.

As a gorgeous model what do you consider your best assets?
(Laughs) I personally love my long legs. I spend far too long keeping them smooth, painting my toe nails and moisturising my skin. You could say I’m obsessed but I love the feel of expensive stockings or the tickle of a floaty hem. I like to be appreciated too and guys love it when I wrap my legs around them and hold them tight.

We heard your arse stops traffic in your home town!
Maybe it does and many do say that my butt is my best feature but I don’t get home as often as I would like. Which according to the traffic police is a good thing, right.

Did you always want to Model and Escort?
Yes, that’s all I ever wanted to do when I was little. And I was very lucky. I practically fell into modelling after being spotted by a talent scout in my home town.

You travel with an enviable collection of shoes. Why is that?
I love to show off my long legs and a tall pair of heels does just that. I wear high heels everywhere. I feel naked without them. I even wear them in bed. But obviously not when I’m sleeping.

Do you have any problems buying underwear?
I used to when I was younger but now I have the perfect figure for lingerie. I’m so lucky I sometime think its made for me as it always fits perfectly. Like every fashion conscious girl I do have my favourite brands as they make me feel sexy and we all like to feel special don’t we?

Have you got any lucky underwear?
I do adore the pink set I wore for the Cloud9 gallery photo shoot, but if I’ve got an important booking, I’ll usually wear a new black lacy set unless they have a particular request.

Last time, we spoke, you said that joining the mile high club was high on your to do list. Ticked it off yet?
I haven’t and though I fantasise about it still I don’t think I ever will. It’s a bit too cramped for my liking.

What about doing it in a car?
Oh Yeah, Haven’t we all done the car thing. An old boyfriend drove a huge Merc with tinted windows which was almost designed for that sort of thing.

Being so attractive are men scared to try their luck with you?
They must be because no one ever seems to chat me up. I doubt I’ll ever get another date again. (Laughs)

I’ve heard that women in the future will be able to orgasm by email, downloading it while your nervous system is wired up to your computer. Will you be the first in the que?
It’s true I love my computer but I think I’d rather do it the natural way. I may be a fan of new technology but would hate to see men become redundant.

Pamela is only with CLOUD9 ESCORT until the 22nd October. She is available for incall in Paddington or outcall to all major areas in London. Please book early to avoid disappointment.