On The Couch – Ashley

Ashley (19) Dancer and International escort talks to Cloud9 Escort at London about doing the splits, her favourite part of a man and London guys in general.

A warm Cloud9 welcome. I hear this is you first time to London. What was the big attraction?

japanese escort A perfect LoverI had heard so much about the English guys in London from my friends back home. I had to see for myself. I wanted to learn if the rumours are true. It was like a mystical calling. My destiny (Laughs).

And… are the rumours true?
From what I’ve seen of the cute British Gentlemen, they haven’t disappointed me yet and from what they’ve told me I haven’t disappointed them either (more giggles).

You look very angelic and innocent is that always the case?
My mother still thinks I’m her little angel but my clients know otherwise. That’s what I love.. from angel to devil in under 30 minutes. I find it a real turn on.

I hear that you can do the splits?
I love gymnastics. I used to be a dancer and had lessons. Everyday my routines meant I did the splits for hours. Initially I couldn’t walk the next day but my muscles quickly became very toned. I still have to warm up beforehand even now!

Do you do private viewings of your spilt routines?
Oh yeah right, I’m really flexible and have a very welcoming smile but my clients are usually more interested in my mouth and other tricks I can do.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?
When I was younger I lived on a farm and I remember putting a bug in my mouth thinking it was a green bean.

Did you spit or swallow?
(Giggles) In that instance because it smelt horrible I spat it out straight away.

Winter is coming and London isn’t the warmest city how do you plan to keep warm?
Dancing obviously and sex outdoors is great in the summer. I’m not an exhibitionist but love the possibility that people might be able to see that gets me hot. I really enjoy being daring, it makes the whole thing more exciting but I also love stretching out on a rug in front of a crackling log fire.

So, if you like sex outside where have you been most daring?
The most recent place was on an aeroplane on the way to London. I sat next to a very nice young man and things got a bit steamy. He was visibly thrilled to be sitting next to me and since I like to be accommodating we nipped off to the toilet and joined the mile high club. That was a thrill and I made his day.

What’s your favourite part of a man?
Apart from the obvious I always notice a mans mouth. I love big full lips and a huge smile. I also like tall men. Even with heels I like a man to tower over me. It makes me feel defenceless and vulnerable (more giggling) but at only 5’4” its not difficult.

And where do you like to be touched?
I have a very sensitive body that gets excited quickly. A man has only got to touch my skin and I go all a quiver but specifically its got to be my neck. Kiss it, stroke it or nibble it. but Just pay attention to it and I’m like a vending machine that pays out a bonus.

With such a beautiful body and innocent looks have you been approached by the fairer sex?
(Laughs) I appreciative the beauty and sensuality of a woman – and I find feminine women very attractive. All compliments are very flattering but its not my thing, I’m sorry but I love men too much.
Ashley is new to London and with Cloud9 Escort Agency – How can you resist her? Visit her profile here