Nude Massage !, Are you naked? ,Am I?

“Are you naked during the massage?” Every other day I get the same question, which is particularly funny because I am advertising on directories and elsewhere ‘full body erotic nude massage’. But funny in a sweet way, please do not feel bad if you ever asked, I am not trying to make fun of any one, if not to have laugh with you, I think it is sweet.

What about a nude massage?

Having said that, I have to admit that many times I have been requested to keep on my lingerie during the massage, and this makes sense if we think that each one of us has her/his own fetish. Mine for example are hands. I do not know why but ever since I remember the first thing my eyes try to catch are the hands of a man, and yes, sometimes ugly hands can turn me off and that is something very important for me. I may not shave bikini areas for days but my nails or the care of my hands is part of my daily routine. This is not about manicure, it is in general, the shape, the size, how the girl uses her hands to express herself. I am Spanish so we talk as much with our hands as with our lips, our hands are always flying.

So yes, I understand those requests and I am perfectly fine. I know for some men to have an erotic masseuse in her lingerie could be more erotic, and also for some first timers it is not a question of what is more erotic but what makes him feel more comfortable in the present moment and for me that is essential. There are other requests that even if I understand them sorry but the answer is No. Leather pants during a massage? Jeans…? Silk stockings? Yes, silk stockings I understand and if you would love me to wear my silk stockings while performing the massage just let me know! I will be give you a sensual teasing with my silk stocking during the session.

Nude massage is about the proximity of my nude body to yours. It is about sharing that intimate time but is also about the freedom. During the nude massage service, we are breaking those boundaries between you and your desires, those things that are always stopping us from enjoying our sexuality and exploring our bodies, that is the aim of a full body nude massage and full body nude massage for men.

Lingeries, silk stockings, hands, leather, those are fetishes, which are great and fantastic to be aware about what is giving us that extra boost in our sexual life, but nude massage is like learning to enjoy a meal whereas fetishes are more like the spices we use to make a simple meal interesting, what we use to spice up our life!

Get naked and spice up! That’s the goal !!

by Lisa, Cloud9 Escorts featured erotic massage expert.