My Curious Nature

Being a London incall escort has many perks, such as meeting new people regularly without ever needing to leave the house! However, sometimes, a date can take on whole new levels of excitement, as this particular one did a few weeks ago. I still remember it perfectly, as if it occurred yesterday; every detail is crystal clear in my mind and I cannot deny, as far as dates go, this one reached a whole new level.

I believed in chemistry before this one particular night, but I had never considered the maths element and when I answered the door that night, preened and looking my best in every way possible, I was certainly taken aback by my prospective company for the night. Not only was my date handsome, tall and shaven headed, he had company of his own. I had always been curious, sure, but I had never followed up my queries and when I saw that my dates were plural and included not only the handsome, shaven headed chap but an elegant lady of about thirty with long, sultry red locks and a magnificent figure, I won’t deny, I was excited.

The conversation flowed and all the while, the wine kept coming. My flat was always immaculate, but in the flickering candle-light, there was a totally different mood from usual. Sure, I had described myself as bi-sexual before, but never had a couple actually arrived, both of whom were exactly my type and not just physically. The connection was strong and as this man and woman sat huddled together, their fingers entwined and a look in both sets of eyes which simply melted me, I knew that the night was young and that my curious nature might get the better of me.

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