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Why Men perfer blonde escorts?

Cloud9 escorts agency found that some gentlemen are so addicted to a certain type of London escorts : Daisy, Tiffany and Sophy  , they are all blonde. So, why? Why is it that blonde girls demand this attention from men?

In 1859, Darwin delved into the topic of men choosing blonde women to write a book, however he couldn’t find enough information to support his argument. However, today there are plenty of theories.

blonde escort

blonde escort


1) Men interpret blonde hair as sign of being young, thus having reproductive capabilities. It’s because post-menopausal women often don’t keep their pale grayish-yellow color of hair, thus becoming grey grannies. Blondes in comparison to Brunettes have more estrogen thus displaying sexual characteristics desired by males such as smaller nose, smaller jaw, pointed chin, narrow shoulders, smooth skin and less body hair, and infantile behavior such as higher energy levels and playfulness

2)  Blondes don’t possess the skin protection from ultraviolet radiation such a melanin, so their skin becomes old (e.g. wrinkles and dark spots) faster than brunettes. Thus, it becomes easier for men to detect any signs of illness that have ruined peoples’ lives over generations. Medical students understand that anemia which caused by internal parasites and jaundice (liver ailment) are easier to find out in light colored people than in brunettes. Taenia and Ascaris which cause anemia may have been an epidemic in agricultural areas and there was pressure to select      anemia free marriage age women which can ruin chances of fertility, thus becoming pregnant.

3) It’s easier to detect signs of sexual interest such as embarrassment and blushing which would be far difficult to find out in dark skinned women, thus men become incapable of detecting if women are accepting their courtship advances or not.

4) Nordic blue eyed men would prefer blonde hair to assure they’re the father of the children. Since, blue eye and blond hair genes are recessive; both parents need to have them so it appears in their child. As a result, the man would have a certain level of guarantee that the woman was bearing his child as opposed to another man, thus he would risk his life to hunt   a mammoth and walk for days pulling it back to icy tundra.

Blondes have yet to lose their credence since the last ice age. They get featured more as the centerpiece in Playboy magazine and their percentage in every type of magazine is more than the percentage in the general population.

In conclusion, the selection requirements that shaped the way of choosing a western woman in the late Paleolithic era still continue into modern day and may explain why men are attracted to them.

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