Kitty’s Secret Diary: The dominate date

dominatrix escort kittyOne of my clients took me island hopping in the Caribbean for a week recently. It was amazing. The hot sun was shining down on us as we sailed along on his luxury yacht. It was such a change from my usual haunts in Chelsea, London. Being a domination escort has its perks…

While away we had a lot of fun. He enjoyed being ordered around. I especially liked commanding him to bring me cocktails wearing just an apron. He was very attentive.

I loved ordering him to run my bath for me and scrub my back. He was very skilled with a loofah. I felt it necessary to reward him with a good paddling later that evening. I’d brought a special paddle just for him. He was very grateful.

He was ever so compliant. He would do anything I asked without hesitation, sometimes many times over when I told him to which was extremely pleasing.

As an added treat I used to have him undress me and redress me in my special outfits. His favourite was the black mini dress, long gloves and thigh high boots. It was the matching mask that really did it for him. Combined with a riding crop and he was putty in my hands. He has very kinky tastes, just like me.

I only once had to punish him for being a bad sub. He didn’t put any ice in my drink. Maybe he did it on purpose to test my reaction. But he won’t do it again anytime soon. I think his beautiful behind will be sore for quite a while…

He spent the journey back in one of the holds where I had handcuffed him to a pipe. The whole experience was very stimulating.

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