What is GFE and PSE?

Some guys looking for an escort in London and saw the “GFE” or “PSE” wondering what it is all about. We are hereby to explain a little for you.

Article by @Punterblog

If you are new to Punting, you will regularly come across the terms ‘GFE’ and ‘PSE’. Whilst they are easily defined, the reality of what each provider means by their interpretation of these terms varies widely!

A “GFE” stands for Girlfriend Experience, whereas a “PSE” means Porn Star Experience.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience

For me, these terms are at best loose, at worst misleading! Personally, I do not like to see someone who is openly pretending to be something! Yes, I know, my two or three hours with a companion are not “real”, but I like to think my companion will be natural and be herself during that time, and not try to be something else!

In general, I prefer a more tender approach, so I previously tended to veer towards those offering a full GFE. However, as everyone’s idea of a good Girlfriend would vary vastly, so, therefore, did the interpretation of the experience.

I still find it somewhat amazing that there are proponents of a GFE who do not even kiss, let alone French Kiss! Now, call me old fashioned, but I have never had a girlfriend who did not kiss, even if it were a relationship which lasted only for two hours!!!

Nowadays, I tend to avoid ladies saying they offer a “GFE” unless they stipulate French Kissing. I don’t mind if it is at their discretion, as I am quite clean and I will generally pass a close inspection!

PSE – Pron Start Experience

My experience of “PSE” is much more limited, as it is not really my thing, as I have already stated, so I have not tended to go looking for it. However, some people I have seen do it and it has ranged from a more full-on, hardcore experience, to, in some cases, almost being a comical act of moaning loudly and throwing themselves about! One good “Punt” was rather spoilt by the lady in question adding incredibly obvious (even for a bloke!) fake orgasms! I am not sure what porn this lady watched, but at times it felt like “Carry on Porn”!

I am sure there are ladies who do offer a very genuine or authentic experience. However, I am limited to comment on my own experiences to date. As I gravitate towards a certain type of lady, I can only speak of my own findings.

I wrote about my only experience of an actual “Porn Star” in my blog “Never judge a book by its cover”. It really was a total revelation, as the lady concerned did not “act” in a particular manner, but was so natural and a paragon of humility.

My own advice on this subject is simple: different strokes for different folks! Ultimately, go for whatever floats your boat, be it a GFE or a PSE, but do beware! Some descriptions and interpretations can be somewhat nebulous. Not everyone is exactly what it says on the tin!