what is in a name

Escorts: What’s in a name?

Here is a simple question for you: Just what title should one use for “Escorts”?

There are so many banded about and the media, much to my loathing, just love to muddy the waters with their stereotypical portrayals.

One regularly sees the following: Escort, Companion, Courtesan, Geisha, Call Girl, Working Girl, Sex Worker, Prostitute and plenty more.

Does the title really matter, or is it a simple question of semantics?

Where do I stand on this point? To start with, to me, the title matters an awful lot! In my opinion, the correct designation really comes down to whom you are seeing! Let me explain.

In every profession, there are different strata with each offering a different level of service and standard of quality. I am sure if I were to talk with you about your own job, you could easily demonstrate the difference between the people at the top of the profession and the others, some of whom give everyone a bad name and it is certainly true in my field too. Therefore, it is a logical extension of the argument this equally applies in the field of Working Girls too and, from my own observations, I believe this is certainly true.

I do have to confess I tend to only see those ladies who are of a very high standing, otherwise I am just not interested. The titles I prefer for ladies within this elite group are Courtesan, Companion or Escort.

I can guarantee a pretty stern reaction from me if such a lady calls herself a Prostitute. In my experience, this is normally only when they are foreign and not familiar with the sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle differences between the titles.

I must stress here that I have absolutely nothing against anyone who chooses to work in a different way, or for whatever reason sees themselves as a Prostitute. However, my point is I do feel this conveys the seedier side of the industry and all that entails and it fails to give the exclusive, professional Escorts suitable standing.

what is in a name

I am certainly not a snob in any form and I abhor all forms of class stigmatisation, but I simply cannot accept that someone who is a high-class lady, who does everything to an exceptional standard, ensuring they look after their clients and treat them with total deference and discretion, can be labelled by anyone, with any degree of insight into the industry, as anything other than an Escort, Companion or Courtesan.

I can honestly say, if any of my outside friends ever met any of the ladies I am close to, they would never, and I mean never guess as to what the ladies do for a profession. Surely this says something about both the calibre of people in the higher echelons of the industry, as well as the external perception of Working Girls?

When I have talked this matter over with my closer lady friends, they all prefer the titles I do and feel it cheapens the industry and the more consummate professionals within it if everyone were simply referred to as Prostitutes. Often this is a lazy “one-size-fits-all” form of journalism and often it is just pure ignorance!

I must reiterate, I am not on any kind of personal campaign here, but I just have enormous respect for all of the ladies I have had the great fortune to meet and to get to know. I do not confess to know what the answer to this question is, but maybe there needs to be an “industry consensus”?

Unfortunately due to the “bury one’s head in the sand” attitude of society, this issue is not something that can be openly discussed it general circles. Due to the lack of social acceptance for anyone working in the industry, it is a travesty there is not a professional body, an Institute of Working Girls if you like, to fight their corner and to campaign for acceptance and to promote the right image, not to mention safety and all of the other important issues.

I applaud all of the ladies who do campaign hard for better treatment and websites such as The Oldest Profession (oldestprof.com)deserve all the support we can give them.

I do firmly believe we Punters have a big responsibility too and we need to take it upon ourselves to ensure we treat these ladies correctly at all times. They have a hard enough time dealing with all of the social issues surrounding their work without Punters adding to their burden.

To me, all the Escorts deserve to be respected for who they are as human beings and not just labelled by some social stereotype. What label others choose to apply is their decision, but I know where I stand on this subject and I hope you will share my views and my standards of decorum.

ps. I just read about another blog from one of my friend , she is also talking about ‘escort’ and ‘name’, we even have the same title, what a coincidence!