All escorts must fashionable!

At London Cloud9 Escort, we are very concious about our appearance. We believe that to work for our company you have to have a certain appearance, you must create yourself a known presence and look representable. This is why we are big into fashion. Our clients demand such high tastes from us so we have to deliver them. This shows when reading such positive reviews from our trusted following. So considering this, you can see how excited we get around this time of the month. this is because on the 12th fashion week starts and with such amazing guests this year you’d be crazy not to miss it.

sexy Lingrie for a Special Xmas!
So with this in mind we have been concious of where to go and what to do, you must be as well because unfortunately with such amazing stuff happening all at once you do have to come to terms with the fact that you might miss some things. So make sure you start to find out what you’re going to want to see the most. One of the best parts about the fashion week is that it is such a unisex event, every fashion concious guy and girl will be their to get tips on how to improve their style. Another great thing about London’s fashion week is that is so high class, the best part being it is the perfect excuse to get out the old suit and tie and look the part, however a simple wardrobe change and a quick lick of hair gel will not do. what if you’re trying to impress friends or work associates? what if you’re wanting to make and impression to someone? This is where you need a beautiful Asian Cloud9 Escort model to heighten your appearance to fashion godly standards. Our incredibly stylish escorts get to do what they do best and dress beautiful for their clients, the sophistication and sex appeal will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

It’s a must to attend the show of Eudon Choi. A Korean born designer, Eudon made quite a name for himself through his menswear roots, therefore it is going to be quite the curve ball when the gorgeous models come up on to the catwalk, this is because apparently we’re promised ‘a kaleidoscope of gentle feminine beauty’, and with exotic Asian flora designs you could really make an impression by booking your own delicate Asian flower through us.

Weather you’re spending the whole weekend in London to attend fashion week, or going down for a day to impress clients/ family or even if you’re just interested in fashion and would like to go down for a couple of hours, you should go to our bookings page on the website and enquire about bringing a beautiful and very fashionable London escort.

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