Elena’s Fashion Tips for escorts

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How to be sexy? Lots of girls asking this question again and again…

Being such a stylish young lady and one of the most popular girls working for one of the high class London escort agencies, the Blonde girl Elena is often asked by her friends for fashion tips. Elena’s first tip is to make sure you know exactly what body type you have and what kind of clothes show it off to its full potential. Taking herself as an example, her 35C-25-35 hourglass figure is suited to many different elegant dresses but also more casual clothing when she feels like relaxing. The secret for other girls who are not so lucky as to have this wonderful figure is to choose their clothes carefully in order to try and replicate it.

For example, by adding a belt to an outfit, it is possible to add extra definition and produce an hourglass figure, even if the woman in question does not have a large bust. This is very useful for girls who are more athletic but want to appear more womanly. At the same time, some women are very top-heavy but still have narrow waists and hips; in this case Elena says you should really show off your assets with clothing that really highlights your features. A top with a V-neck for example will show off larger breasts and help lengthen the upper body to create a sophisticated look.

Of course, this is all very easy for Elena to say as she has an incredibly enviable figure. She looks just as good in a pair of tight-fitting jeans as she does in the most elegant of ball gowns, and combine this with natural good looks and a friendly personality and it is easy to see why she is such a dream date. With a little bit of care and attention, many women can catch the eye of a good-looking and successful gentleman, according to Elena, and she should certainly know.