Civilisation and its Discontents

This article is wrote by Carmen, an independent escort in London.

Is it just me or does it seem like the entire world is having a collective moan at the moment? If all humans comprise part of one communal organism as the Gaia theory advocates then Gaia seems to be exercising her long awaited right to exhale. It has been the strangest winter I have ever known. Not even half as cold as the previous winter and the season is just about over? I suppose this is one of the advantages of Global Warming, some areas will receive more temperate weather while others will suffer violent cataclysms. I am now suffering from a bout of climatic guilt and wondering what long term price will be paid for this mini winter holiday we are experiencing at the moment? Am I living on climatic credit and when will this unpredictable karmic bitch cash her chips in?

As I discuss the strange weather we are having with people who have oil interests I am amazed at how folks still manage to deny the obvious while the evidence of Global Warming sits right before their eyes. I have heard the most irrational explanations from the most educated men such as, “this is still a rollover of CFC’s and the ozone problem”, all it will take to solve this problem is “mini injections of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere” and Al Gore has invented the theory of Global Warming in order to make a profit. The way I see it, Al Gore is in the private sector now and has to earn a living like the rest of us. Surely, if he is not allowed to make a profit from renewable energy then people with oil interests should not be allowed to make a living from oil.

rose alliance, sex worker

I read two shocking bits of news this week related to women in the sex industry; both articles were sourced from

Firstly, a Swedish (first world) activist and sex worker Jasmine Petite was murdered by an abusive ex after years of reporting his behaviour towards her, her complaints were ignored by the police. Due to her occupation, her ex got custody of their two children. Thanks to the indifference of the Swedish police, two more children will now grow up without parents and will be raised by a state that clearly has no humanitarian spirit or regard for women’s/sex worker rights.

Secondly, a lady by the name of Suzy Favor Hamilton was stripped of her Big Ten Conference’s women’s Athlete of the Year award that was later named after her. A University of Wisconsin middle distance runner and alumna who followed her illustrious college career with three appearances in the Olympic Games. She was more than qualified to have her name attached to such a prestigious award. Unfortunately, the conference announced on Tuesday that her name would be removed from the award after it was revealed in December that Favor Hamilton had worked as an escort since 2011. Suzy Favor Hamilton is being punished for being a hooker “over achiever”.

These two stories have stirred up the sex worker activists, the whorish feminists, the anti-whore feminists as well as conservative feminists, liberal feminists, radical feminists and socialist feminists into a live internet argument amongst each other while the real enemy, patriarchy makes a clean get away. Congratulations mankind on confusing womankind sufficiently to attack themselves and congratulations feminists, due to your broad and varying distinctions amongst yourselves and various levels of perceived superiority, once again you have basically achieved no advances in humanitarian law, women’s rights, sex workers rights and civil liberty. Can we all at least agree that if we have a vagina then we must be on the same side?

Don’t get me wrong, although I do support the legalisation of the sex industry worldwide for the benefit of all women in the industry. I personally do not have a vested interest in it. Although I am happy to pay tax and already do, I am not keen to be on a national whores database and as soon as I am forced to submit to a registrar that will be the end of my brief career. Unfortunately, legalisation and regulation will lead to a falling out at the top end of industry. That will be the day that I and many others hand in their resignation. But maybe there is an upside, if prostitution becomes legal all over the world then they can also pass a law preventing the violation of women’s privacy in forums and stop escorts being blackmailed and coercively raped for reviews. Something that seems to go unnoticed in third world countries amidst other atrocities.

Forums have become a breeding ground for a new type of sociopath – a well-informed one. There are not many places where a social miscreant can research his victim well in advance and unfortunately forums provide this opportunity for them. The good news is that some sex workers have started actively trying to counter the power amassed within career breaking forums. I having personally experienced being blackmailed for reviews, and having my personal information aired over the internet. I have met several times over the obsessed client who has spent days researching me before he arrives on my doorstep quoting every comment I ever made, every review that has ever been written about me. My outspokenness and refusal to comply has resulted in a zero review score for the past six months. It has also come to my attention that there are lists being built via email exploiting the personal information of escorts such as their addresses and preferences in the room. There is a certain breed of man who believes that a woman is a product and can be reviewed as such in a very distasteful way. Similar complaints are being made on a variety of sites very recently, links below for interested readers.

There is a growing agitation amongst key players in industry and women are starting to act for their own protection. A new project has been launched by sex workers for sex workers by the name of Project Purple They are building a site that works for us and provides the services that we need to make a living, but at the same time allows us to reappropriate things like review and advertising culture in a way that fosters respect for sex workers. If you have ever been stalked by a client, blackmailed for a review, discussed in a thread as a non-human entity or been referred to as a SP or WG then please visit their landing page and offer them your support.