Being happy is a key to healthy life

Next time when you ask yourself : why meet an escort? The answer is: healthy life

happy ending massage by cloud9We’ve said this so many times to our London Escort clients but now its been proven. It seems that the chances of avoiding heart disease are greatly increased if you stay positive and enjoy plenty of ‘me’ time.
If you ever wanted an excuse to visit one of our Escort girls and have some quality special time this is surely it. Researchers for a leading heart journal believe that people with a positive outlook on life enjoy longer periods of rest and relaxation and recover quicker from stress and injury.
So there you have it, spending time each day truly relaxing and enjoying yourself is good for your mental health. Spend time with one of our girls and get a double whammy. Improve your mental health and she may help improve your physical health too.

Don’t you just love Doctors and their research? Improve your mood, be happy, get physical.