Answer phone during your escort dating?

Does your escort turn off her phone during the dating session? Do you?

don't let the phonecall interrupt the flow

Why is it an unwritten law, one’s mobile will always ring at the most inappropriate moment?

Many guys will happily berate an escort for either not turning off her phone or, even worse, for answering calls during a meeting, i.e. their time. However, how many gents actually turn off their own phone or, even worse, answer calls during a meeting?

Clearly I have no idea what other gents do, but I do know what I have done. Normally, and I hasten to add, normally, I will turn off my work and private phones before I go into a meeting. However, there have been times when I have forgotten.

Is it not Murphy’s Law which states the opposite from what you want will always happen?

Despite work knowing I am having a day off and we may have even spoken just before I go in, my phone will ring. Sometimes it is clients, other times it is colleagues or managers. Either way, it is annoying and an inconvenience.

Calls interrupt the flow of a meeting and the most adroit of ladies always assume it is important and suggest I answer it. However, it may not be a call one wishes to answer in the context of a meeting and it creates awkwardness.

Even putting one’s phone on silent does not always help! I had one meeting where I had done this an it was still in my trouser pocket. We were enjoying a bit of a snog and cuddle with the lady sitting on my lap when, you’ve guessed it, my phone rang!

As it was on silent, it vibrated away. However, the lady actually enjoyed the sensation of my vibrating trousers and even suggested ringing me to prolong it! However, despite the moment of hilarity, it still interrupted the flow and might ruin the whole experience.

There is also the subliminal distraction of a missed call, where one wonders who it was and if it were important or not. Either way, silent or not, it still is a distraction.

I do feel it is an etiquette issue: If a lady is worth seeing, it is worth giving her one’s undivided attention, is it not? If one were in a business meeting, on a flight or at the cinema, one would turn off all phones, so why not in a meeting with a lady?

There is no point in gents complaining about a lady not giving her undivided attention if one is not prepared to reciprocate. Of course I appreciate there will always be the odd occasion where one is expecting an urgent call or has to keep it on in case of emergency, but I do feel these should be the exception not the norm.

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