A question of economics?

One of the customer send us his article and want to post on our website. It is interesting , I personally agree with his opinion about escort industry and economy . Please read on, and hope you enjoy it.

When one sees the same lady regularly, often over a long period, should this make a difference to how one is regarded? Or should all clients be treated the same, regardless of how often they have visited the lady?

In any business, customers or clients should be regarded as the life blood of that organisation and, therefore, neglected at one’s peril!

But should loyal, repeat clients be entitled to a higher level of care? Essentially, I believe a business should look after all of it’s clients well, regardless of whether it is their first or 101st visit. Of course we all like to feel appreciated and have the value-added service, but does regular custom entitle us to extra?

As an Escort, what extra can a lady give? I do not believe for a minute the ladies I know hold back in any way and always give 100% to a booking, so what extra can they give?

I feel very uncomfortable if offered a discount. I know it is a lady’s prerogative to do this, in exceptional cases, if she sees fit, but I would never wish for it to appear like I am taking advantage. One lady I knew well did give me a discount, which was appreciated, but we had seen each other for nearly three years, so I am grateful for this recognition of me as a client, but I always checked it is ok and never assumed it is carte blanche.

enjoy and respect

The most regular “extra” I get is extra time. Again, I never expect this and always appreciate the sentiments of those I know well when they allow a few extra minutes.

One thing I would never accept is a freebie. The reason for this is simple: it goes against the nature of the meeting and changes the dynamics too much, to the point of being awkward for both parties.

I estimate I have seen a couple of ladies up to 2 to 3 times a month, which can equate to about 20 times in a year, costing me not an inconsiderable sum each month. However, this is not something I begrudge in the slightest, unless I feel it is either unappreciated or I am not trusted. On one occasion this did become an issue and it was really sad the situation caused things to come to an end.

I know some gents will see a favourite lady much more often, even weekly, so it is worth considering how one is valued.

In many jobs at London, a salary of £2,000 per month is not unusual, particularly in these austere times. Therefore, for a London Escort to earn this from one client for only a few meetings represents a fair return even for a part-time lady.

As I say I have absolutely no problem with this when it is appreciated. However, when it is not…..! It may sound harsh, but it is a business relationship, so such repeat custom is in effect subsidising the lifestyle of a person. If a gent is happy with the scenario, but I do hear of guys who are not but still see the lady to the point of resenting it. If so, why do it?

“Keep it real”

I have talked before about how important I think it is for us gents to “keep it real” by not losing sight of what our reality is and visits to Escorts is an escape from our day-to-day humdrum. If this is true, I believe Escorts need to “keep it real” too and to ensure they do not take their clients, particularly their most loyal and regular ones for granted. Of course the vast majority of ladies would never lose sight of this basic economic fact, but sadly a small percentage do.

Either jealousy over clients seeing someone else too, complaining about visits being too infrequent, to a myriad of other reasons, some fail to value their clients.

I have talked before about the ultimate veto  and clients will go elsewhere if they are not ultimately happy with the manner of their treatment.

I do believe both Escorts and gents need to keep sight of the fact meetings are business: It is a simple question of economics.

by Mike, the Captain